You Can Be My Friend Charlie and Lola

Lola has planned out the entire afternoon with fun and games, but her hopes are dashed when she discovers that Morten is so shy he won’t even speak! Lola tries everything she can think of to get Morten to break out of his shell, but nothing does the trick. How will lola and Morten have fun? Lola is excited because she is going to spend the afternoon with Morten, the little brother of Charlie’s best friend.


I Can Do Anything That's Everything All On My Own Charlie and Lola

In the park, when charlie and his friend marv explain to Lola that a seesaw won't "see" or "saw" with only one person on it, Lola reluctantly lets them sit on the other end. When lola soars into the sky, it launches her into an elaborate high-seas fantasy where she saves Marv and Charlie from ever-soevil pirates.

All on her own! Today lola wants to do everything all on her own, but things aren't as easy as she thought they'd be.

I Want to Be Much More Bigger Like You Charlie and Lola

Lola tries everything she can think of to make herself bigger, but nothing does the trick. But when charlie measures her on a growth chart, it shows that she?s still too small. Lola is convinced that this is the year that she?ll finally be tall enough to ride the ?Super Duper Loop-the-Looper? rollercoaster.

Will lola be stuck going on kiddie rides forever? .

I Am Not Sleepy and I Will Not Go to Bed Charlie and Lola

Laugh out loud at lola's imaginative antics, but save a cheer for kind, patient Charlie, the big brother we'd all love to have. Lola never gets tired. Candlewick Press MA. Whether they spot themselves in Charlie or Lola, young ones will enjoy this exuberant, hilarious spin on a bedtime story. Booklistnight owl Lola likes to stay up coloring and scribbling and wriggling and bouncing and chattering.

How can big brother charlie convince her it's time for bed? Heralded by the Washington Post as "a delightful new voice in children's books, " author-illustrator Lauren Child splashes her offbeat sense of humor and unique artwork all over this bedtime story.

I Absolutely Must Do Coloring Now or Painting or Drawing Charlie and Lola

Everyone who loves to scribble and scrabble and what kid doesn't? will love this fantastic un-coloring book. The creative, and lots of activities, and with plenty of room to draw, magical world of Charlie and Lola is perfect inspiration for little kids, planets with stripes and silly hats are sure to be just the beginning! Candlewick Press MA.

Grosset Dunlap.

But I Am an Alligator Charlie and Lola

Charlie tells her she can?t wear it ALL the time, but Lola argues that she can. Grosset Dunlap. Much to charlie?s embarrassment, Lola wears her alligator costume to the supermarket and the park. Lola has a favorite alligator costume that she wants to wear absolutely everywhere. She even plans to wear it for her school talk called ?All about Me!? Can Charlie stop Lola from making a fool of herself in front of the whole school? Candlewick Press MA.


I Would Like to Actually Keep It Charlie and Lola

Charlie tells her she has to find its owner, but she wants to keep it for herself. Will lola make the right decision and return the rabbit? Find out in this adorable 8 x 8 based on the hit television series! Candlewick Press MA. Lola finds a stuffed rabbit outside of school. Grosset Dunlap.

Charlie Is Broken! Charlie and Lola

Grosset Dunlap. Can lola find a way to cheer him up? Candlewick Press MA. Charlie and lola are planning to put on a circus show, but their plans are cut short when Charlie breaks his arm. Grosset Dunlap. Not only is lola worried because Charlie has hurt himself but also because he is feeling a bit sad.

I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato Charlie and Lola

She won’t eat her mashed potatoes until Charlie explains that they’re cloud fluff from the pointiest peak of Mount Fuji. Candlewick. She won’t eat her carrots until her brother Charlie reveals that they’re orange twiglets from Jupiter. Candlewick Press MA. Youngsters will never — not ever — pass up a second helping.

Publishers WeeklyLola is a fussy eater. Grosset Dunlap. Grosset Dunlap. There are many things lola won’t eat, including — and especially —tomatoes. Or will she? two endearing siblings star in a witty story about the triumph of imagination over proclivity. A very fussy eater.

My Wobbly Tooth Must Not Ever Never Fall Out Charlie and Lola

Grosset Dunlap. At first, she wiggles and wobbles her tooth until out it pops! finally it is time to go to bed—but the tooth has disappeared! Now how will Lola convince the tooth fairy that she really did lose her tooth? Big brother Charlie has just the answer—if Lola has dreams so lovely that she smiles while she sleeps, but when she learns about the tooth fairy, Lola does not want her wobbly tooth to ever fall out, the tooth fairy will be able to see for herself! Candlewick Press MA.

Candlewick. Grosset Dunlap.

I Slightly Want to Go Home Charlie and Lola

Lola is going to lotta's house for her first sleepover-but everything is just a bit too different! Lola misses home. Grosset Dunlap. Candlewick. Grosset Dunlap. How will she ever get to sleep? Candlewick Press MA.