The Lost Art of Letter Writing

Allison & Busby #ad - Will whisk any readers away to a place where anything is possible’ romantic times book reviewsin a forgotten nook of Cambridge stands a little shop. So when she discovers a cache of her great-grandmother’s wartime love letters, she follows the faint trail of a life lived, and starts on a profound journey of her own.

Thousands of sheets of beautiful paper and hundreds of exquisite pens wait for the next person who, with Clara Cohen’s help, despair and desire they feel to correspondents alive, will express the love, estranged or deceased. Clara knows better than most the power a letter can have to turn a person’s life around.

The Lost Art of Letter Writing #ad - Thoroughly engaging. Filled with magic, love and the bonds of family.


The Patron Saint of Lost Souls

Allison & Busby #ad - She makes it her mission to match customers with the special something that they are missing, a talisman to bring them what their heart desires. Unfortunately, jude’slife is not overflowing with the love she wishes for. But when viola keeps bumping into a widower, Mathieu, she begins to discover that there’s more to life beyond the kitchen.

The Patron Saint of Lost Souls #ad - Bright and hopeful … rich characters combined with an enchanting blend of the real and the mystical make this a delightful and engaging read’ booklist. Jude is the owner of a unique antiques shop in Cambridge. However, doubling her meagre family overnight, when she ‘inherits’ a niece that she never knew existed, Jude’s life is soon set to get a lot less lonely and a lot more interesting.

Viola is a single-minded perfectionist whose only heart’s desire is the position of Head Chef at one of Cambridge’s most prestigious restaurants.


The Witches of Cambridge: A Novel

Ballantine Books #ad - Unfortunately, Noa regards her gift as a curse. Kat’s sister, cosima, is not above using magic to get what she wants, sprinkling pastries in her bakery with equal parts sugar and enchantment. Amandine bisset has always had the power to feel the emotions of those around her. It’s a secret she can share only with her friends—all professors, all witches—when they gather for the Cambridge University Society of Literature and Witchcraft.

. Menna van praag’s writing is lyrical and the story sweetly affirming. Bookpagefind your next book club pick, read special features, and more. But when cosima sets her sights on Kat’s crush, she conjures up a dangerous love triangle. As romance and longing swirl through every picturesque side street, the witches of Cambridge find their lives unexpectedly upended and changed in ways sometimes extraordinary, sometimes heartbreaking, but always enchanting.

The Witches of Cambridge: A Novel #ad - Praise for the witches of Cambridge   “Intriguing and original. Amandine treasures these meetings but lately senses the ties among her colleagues beginning to unravel. If only she had her student Noa’s power to hear the innermost thoughts of others, she might know how to patch things up. For fans of alice hoffman, and adriana trigiani, sarah Addison Allen, The Witches of Cambridge reveals an astonishing world where the heart’s deepest secrets give way to the magic of life-changing love.

Be careful what you wish for.


The Dress Shop of Dreams: A Novel

Ballantine Books #ad - Tucked away on a winding cambridge street, but the colorfully vibrant racks of beaded silks, Etta’s charming tiny store appears quite ordinary to passersby, delicate laces, and jewel-toned velvets hold bewitching secrets: With just a few stitches from Etta’s needle, these gorgeous gowns have the power to free a woman’s deepest desires.

Etta’s dearest wish is to work her magic on her granddaughter. Sure to delight those looking for a little fairy dust in their romance. Kirkus reviews   “the dress shop of Dreams is a delightful blending of many love stories plus a tale of murder and suspense. Each character, from Cambridge to Oxford, augments and refines these dynamics.

The Dress Shop of Dreams: A Novel #ad - I love you, this cute little book is recommended to readers who want to be charmed by the possibilities of love. Libraryreads top ten pick   “menna van praag has a deliciously innate capability to weave the totality of characters of The Dress Shop of Dreams into a compelling tale. Determined not to allow cora to miss her chance at happiness, Etta sews a tiny stitch into Walt’s collar, hoping to give him the courage to confess his feelings to Cora.

Join the random house Reader’s Circle for author chats and more. Van praag has a knack for balancing a large cast of engaging characters, and her references to beloved authors and historic scientists are enjoyable touchstones between doses of mystery and magic. Booklist   “the dress shop of Dreams is a light, sweet and shimmering confection, well worth a read.


The House at the End of Hope Street: A Novel

Penguin Books #ad - As she escapes into this new world, Alba begins a journey that will heal her wounds—and maybe even save her life. Filled with a colorful and unforgettable cast of literary figures, The House at the End of Hope Street is a charming, whimsical novel of hope and feminine wisdom that is sure to appeal to fans of Jasper Fforde and especially Sarah Addison Allen.

A beautiful older woman named peggy greets her and invites her to stay, on the house’s usual conditions: she has ninety-nine nights to turn her life around. Past residents have included virginia woolf and Dorothy Parker, who, hung around to help newcomers—literally, after receiving the assistance they needed, in talking portraits on the wall.

The House at the End of Hope Street: A Novel #ad - A magical debut about an enchanted house that offers refuge to women in their time of needDistraught that her academic career has stalled, Alba is walking through her hometown of Cambridge, England, when she finds herself in front of a house she’s never seen before, 11 Hope Street. With nothing left to lose, Alba takes a chance and moves in.

She soon discovers that this is no ordinary house.


The Language of Spells

HQ Digital #ad - It was just as magical and just as enjoyable as The Language of Spells and I am soooooo glad Sarah Painter decided to go back to Pendleford. She has to stay – she has nowhere else to go – but how can she find her place in the town that drove her out after branding her a witch…?Praise for Sarah Painter"Sarah Painter is a talented new writer, romantic and intriguing story, and her debut is a charming, with a little touch of magic.

When you are ready, seek, and you shall find. I honestly could not put it down. Laura's little book blog'the plot had great twists and turns and when I thought I had the story figured out, the story would go in a different direction and surprise me. I really do love magical fiction and I think Sarah Painter is one of the best at giving you a realistic look at magic and all that comes with it.

The Language of Spells #ad - Chick lit reviews on the secrets of GhostsDon't miss the second book in this sparkling duet: The Secrets of Ghosts out now! Until an inheritance throws her into the mystical world she thought she’d escaped. It had me enchanted. Clodagh murphy'this really was a fantastic debut novel… The language was also simple but elegant and meant that the story flowed seamlessly.

It is your gift. Gwen harper left Pendleford thirteen years ago and hasn’t looked back.


The Secrets Of Ghosts

HQ Digital #ad - It was just as magical and just as enjoyable as The Language of Spells and I am soooooo glad Sarah Painter decided to go back to Pendleford. The dead are buried with their secrets and only Katie can help the ghosts of the past finally find peace. If that is what they are looking for…praise for Sarah Painter'The magic, the romance, the right amount of humour and drama, made this a perfectly well-rounded novel.

I really do love magical fiction and I think SarahPainter is one of the best at giving you a realistic look at magic and all that comes with it. Chick lit Reviews. Don’t miss the magical, heart-warming story from the bestselling author of The Language of Spells!On her twenty-first birthday Katie Harper has only one wish: to become a real Harper woman.

Mystical powers are passed down her family generation after generation – some even call them witches – yet every spell Katie attempts goes disastrously wrong. When her magic does appear, it’s in a form nobody expected and suddenly Katie is thrown into a dangerous new world with shadowy consequences.

The Secrets Of Ghosts #ad - I greatly look forward to Sarah’s next novel. Laura's little book blog'i would recommend this book as it is a real mix: it’s a love story and a thriller with a dash of magic thrown in for good measure. Laura's book review'i really loved this book – and it is not often I say this, really. I also couldn’t stop talking about it! that is it’s charm and the skill of the writer, you can’t quite put your finger on what it is… I hope to read more in the future by this author.


The Silver Mark Crow Investigations Book 2

Siskin Press Ltd #ad - In the bad old days it was said they could make a man jump off a roof by convincing him he could fly. The silver mark is the second instalment in Crow Investigations, an exciting paranormal mystery series from bestselling author of magical fiction, Sarah Painter. London is lydia crow’s city so when a man is found hanged under Blackfriars Bridge, she takes it personally.

Driven by her desire to improve her fledgling P. I. Trouble is, lydia has never been much good at taking orders. My favourite new urban fantasy series, clever and twisty and deliciously magical. Stephanie burgis, author of Snowspelled. Even when it seems as if the Silver Family might be involved, Lydia refuses to back down.

The Silver Mark Crow Investigations Book 2 #ad - Skills and an innate sense of justice, Lydia investigates. And london in a heatwave is a dangerous place to be. But that's all in the past… isn’t it? everybody wants something from lydia: Her Uncle Charlie wants her to join the infamous Family Business, her ghostly flatmate wants her to test her power, DCI Fleet wants a relationship, and the Silver Family want her to keep her nose out.

The silver family, who run the finest law firm in London, have a gift for persuasion.


The Secret Ingredient of Wishes: A Novel

Thomas Dunne Books #ad - Rachel isn’t on the road long before she runs out of gas in a town that’s not on her map: Nowhere, North Carolina—also known as the town of “Lost and Found. In nowhere, rachel is taken in by a spit-fire old woman, Catch, who possesses a strange gift of her own: she can bind secrets by baking them into pies.

And sometimes the consequences are disastrous. 26-year-old rachel monroe has spent her whole life trying to keep a very unusual secret: she can make wishes come true. Rachel also meets catch’s neighbor, ashe, a Southern gentleman with a complicated past, who makes her want to believe in happily-ever-after for the first time in her life.

The Secret Ingredient of Wishes: A Novel #ad - . As she settles into the small town, Rachel hopes her own secrets will stay hidden, but wishes start piling up everywhere Rachel goes. When the consequences threaten to ruin everything she’s begun to build in Nowhere, Rachel must come to terms with who she is and what she can do, or risk losing the people she’s starting to love—and her chance at happiness—all over again.

So when rachel accidentally grants an outlandish wish for the first time in years, she decides it’s time to leave her hometown—and her past—behind for good.


The Night Raven Crow Investigations Book 1

Siskin Press Limited #ad - Lydia has always known she has no power, especially next to her infamous and more-than-slightly dodgy family. Perfect for fans of ben aaronovitch, author of snowspelled and masks and shadows ‘clever and charming and funny – and a bit creepy!’ Keris Stainton, Genevieve Cogman or Robert Galbraith!’ Stephanie Burgis, author of If You Could See Me Now and Counting Stars .

Meet Lydia Crow. The crows used to rule the roost and rumours claim they are still the strongest. The silvers have a facility for lying and they run the finest law firm in London. The pearl family were costermongers and everybody knows that a Pearlie can sell feathers to a bird. The Fox family. Well. The less said about the Fox family the better.

The Night Raven Crow Investigations Book 1 #ad - For seventy-five years, an exciting new paranormal mystery series from bestselling author of magical fiction, but could the disappearance of Maddie Crow be the thing to break it? The Night Raven is the first book in Crow Investigations, a truce between the four families has held strong, Sarah Painter.

My favourite new urban fantasy series, clever and twisty and deliciously magical, with a shivery sense of wonder that feels utterly grounded in its London setting. Which is why she carved her own life as a private investigator far away from London.


The Story Collector

Urbane Publications #ad - Anna, volunteers to help an intriguing American visitor, Harold Griffin-Krauss, a young farm girl, translate 'fairy stories' from Irish to English. But all is not as it seems and anna soon finds herself at the heart of a mystery that threatens the future of her community and her very way of life. Captivated by the land of myth, folklore and superstition, Sarah Harper finds herself walking in the footsteps of Harold and Anna one hundred years later, unearthing dark secrets that both enchant and unnerve.

The Story Collector #ad - The story collector treads the intriguing line between the everyday and the otherworldly, the seen and the unseen. With a taste for the magical in everyday life, Evie Gaughan's latest novel is full of ordinary characters with extraordinary tales to tell. Beautifully written and steeped in folklore - this suspenseful story is told with warmth, wit and charm.

Niamh boyce the herbalista beautiful and mysterious tale from the author of The Heirloom and The Mysterious Bakery On Rue De Paris. Thornwood Village, 1910 Evie gaughan has skillfully created a magical, original novel.