Terminus Gate Survival Wars Book 5

Soon after landing on planet Atlantis, Duggan gets the call once more. It is not to be. In a war for survival, the space Corps’ best officer can’t be permitted to languish on base with his feet up. This time there’s to be no holding back – his superiors want him to take the fight to the enemy, rather than wait it out in Confederation Space.

Given a promise that this mission will be his last, Duggan ventures into the unknown – he must fly through the Helius Blackstar and see what lies on the other side. After their recent victory over an incredibly powerful alien foe, Captain John Duggan and his crew are expecting some downtime while the ESS Crimson is refitted.

What he finds there is worse than he could possibly have imagined and it will take every ounce of his ingenuity to return with the secrets he discovers. Terminus gate is a high-action science fiction adventure and the fifth book in the Survival Wars series.

Fires of Oblivion Survival Wars Book 4

The space corps’ most accomplished officer will be reunited with humanity’s most powerful weapon in a race to forge peace when a return to conflict seems inevitable. Standing above all else is the seemingly unstoppable Dreamer mothership, which Duggan must face if he is to succeed against the longest of odds.

Fires of oblivion is a science fiction adventure and the fourth book in the Survival Wars series. Captain john duggan rots in his cell, facing execution at the hands of his captors. Whilst humans and ghasts descend once more into war, the biggest threat of all puts in motion a chain of events which will result in a hundred billion deaths if left unchecked.

John duggan and his crew are forced into a position where they must end not just one war, but two. They possess the power to destroy entire worlds from unimaginable distances. Having discovered the secret which the Ghasts wished to remain hidden, he is left powerless to find answers to the questions which will determine the future of the Confederation.

Elsewhere in the garon sector, the Dreamers have been putting their own terrible plans into action.

Guns of the Valpian Survival Wars Book 6

All seems lost. Duggan is not a man to go down without a fight. Enemy warships hunt them, eager to locate the vessel which has caused so much damage to their military. Captain john duggan and his crew are stranded deep in hostile terrritory. Their spaceship, the ESS Crimson is damaged beyond repair. The Valpian awaits.

Guns of the valpian is a science fiction adventure and the sixth book in the Survival Wars series. Nothing worth having comes easy – a single error will result in failure and the deaths of his soldiers, as well as denying humanity the greatest of gifts. Duggan has made a promise to get his squad home and there’s only one way for him to succeed.

Determined to take matters into his own hands, he leads his squad across the surface of an inhospitable planet in order to make a raid upon an enemy base. What happens there sets in motion a series of events which carry Duggan and his men towards a prize of inconceivable value.

Mission: Nemesis Survival Wars Book 7

Each final battle has another following it, with another after that. It’s a promise familiar to Captain John Duggan. One last mission. To survive, he must fight his way through a series of tense battles against a fleet of enemy warships in the harshest environments imaginable. Before he can achieve victory, he must also face the deadliest opponent from all his long years in service.

They come to him with the inevitability of death. His latest task seems no different to the others before it. The class 1 neutraliser excoliar is out there in Confederation Space, and until it’s defeated humanity will forever be at risk. Mission: nemesis is a high-action science fiction adventure and the seventh book in the Survival Wars series.

As events progress, duggan begins to believe – he starts to see how his life might change at the end of it and how the lives of billions in the Confederation may be saved if he succeeds. This time, his superiors plan no less than the destruction of the Helius Blackstar itself. Struggling with hints of betrayal from the most unlikely of places, Duggan sets off on this most ambitious of missions.


Chains of Duty Survival Wars Book 3

However, nothing is as it seems. For captain john Duggan, it seems like war never ends. What duggan finds on a distant planet turns everything on its head. A prospector craft, the sc lupus, has gone missing and his superiors want to find out what happened and the aggressors dealt with accordingly. The wrecked spaceship is soon found.

Each success brings another mission and more death. Following events at the helius blackstar, Duggan is given the Space Corps’ newest warship – a heavy cruiser armed to the teeth with the latest weapons and technology. With the survival of humanity potentially in the balance, Duggan – a man forever chained by duty – is required to take the biggest risk of all.

The man who has faced everything is about to come up against an opponent he cannot possibly defend himself against. Chains of duty is a science fiction adventure and the third book in the Survival Wars series.

Bane of Worlds Survival Wars Book 2

But war is never so predictable and a straightforward mission becomes something much more important. His duties resume and this time he’s given something easy - escort a cargo ship to a distant planet and bring it home safely. The outcome may well determine the future of humanity. Someone has terrible plans for the ESS Crimson and Duggan is about to find himself party to endless destruction.

Following his successful mission to recover the missing warship ESS Crimson, Captain John Duggan finds himself unredeemed in the eyes of his superiors. Even as worlds die, a new threat is waiting on the horizon. Bane of worlds is a universe-spanning sci-fi adventure, which continues the Survival Wars series.


Crimson Tempest Survival Wars Book 1

As he struggles against enemies both within and without, he desperately tries to unlock the mystery surrounding the Crimson’s disappearance and the unknown weapons it carries. He soon discovers the missing warship might be the only hope for salvation that mankind has left. When everything is veiled in secrecy nothing is easy, as Duggan is about to find out.

Crimson tempest is the first instalment in an epic sci-fi action-adventure series. Little does Duggan realise, this is no ordinary mission. Fifty-three years after it vanished, Earth's only Super-Devastator warship, the ESS Crimson sends out a distress signal. Humanity is fighting against an implacable foe.

The ghasts – a ruthless alien race - seem hell-bent on wiping out mankind. They have a vast warfleet and their technology is advancing at a terrible rate. Captain john nathan duggan and his crew are given a mission – find the missing ESS Crimson and bring it home.

Negation Force Obsidiar Fleet Book 1

It is the only hope for atlantis…Negation Force is a science fiction action and adventure book which begins The Obsidiar Fleet series. Author’s note: this book is set forty years after events in the Survival Wars series. The answers are more shocking than anyone could have imagined. The lives of strangers are intertwined and together they must try and salvage something from this first exchange in a war that will not end until one side is utterly defeated.

These aliens – known as vraxar – are abominations of flesh and metal, driven to exterminate every other life form in the universe. Meanwhile, a response fleet is mustered with the intention of facing the enemy head-on. Now it’s humanity’s turn. In the ruins of the tillos military installation, Sergeant Eric McKinney is determined to fight back and find out why the Vraxar have come.

There is no necessity to read the earlier books to enjoy this one. Luckily, the tillos base holds secrets of its own…a warship with an exceptionally powerful Obsidiar core is contained within an underground bunker. Negation Force. A planet without power, locked down by an alien war fleet. The human confederation has known an unprecedented time of peace, unheard of in a universe where every other species is not only technologically advanced, but also incredibly hostile.

The good times are about to end.

Inferno Sphere Obsidiar Fleet Book 2

Lieutenant eric McKinney is onboard, waiting for his next deployment. Inferno Sphere. This time, the Juniper orbital is the target. Mckinney must once again team up with Captain Charlie Blake to try and inflict a stunning, unexpected defeat on the Vraxar. It will not be easy. Meanwhile, out on the fringes of Confederation Space further trouble is brewing, adding complications to an already perilous situation.

There is a chance to pull off a victory of sorts – to come back from the brink of total disaster. The arrival of the vraxar pushes him once more into action and he finds himself in the unenviable position of fighting a battle which is already lost. Alliances must be formed and ancient, terrible weapons brought out of storage.

When it comes to the vraxar, nothing will be straightforward…Inferno Sphere is a high-action science fiction adventure and the second book in the Obsidiar Fleet series. A bomb to end all bombs. The ruthless species of biomechanical aliens known as Vraxar have been driven away from the Confederation planet Atlantis.

Where there is conflict, there is opportunity. The opening stages of the war have begun and humanity will not sit back tamely and wait for death. They are not defeated and their unprovoked attack has given them the means to locate the rest of the Confederation worlds.

God Ship Obsidiar Fleet Book 3

Ix-gorghal has arrived and even with assistance from an incredibly-powerful Ghast battleship, it will take every ounce of Space Corps firepower, ingenuity and plain old guts to survive the first punishing encounters. God ship is a high-action science fiction adventure and the third book in the Obsidiar Fleet series.

Captain charlie Blake is always in the wrong place at the right time. He’s given a mission – take a heavily-armed warship and investigate an anomaly on a distant planet. Lieutenant eric mckinney and his troops are left with the task of getting inside and finding answers. God Ship. The vraxar will not give up - they must clear a way through Confederation Space in preparation for their future wars.

The tormentor of worlds. For thousands of years, the Vraxar have brought ruin and misery across the universe. What they discover deep within the huge spaceship gives an idea of the horrors to come. Each species they find has met the same fate – extinction and conversion into new soldiers for their ranks. An upstart race – humanity – has wiped out the aliens’ advance fleet.

The vraxar have summoned one of their capital ships. Blake and his crew locate a catastrophically-damaged enemy Neutraliser, and there’s no record of an engagement with human forces.

Earth's Fury Obsidiar Fleet Book 4

It won’t be easy. Fleet admiral John Duggan is the man with the keys. Lieutenant Eric McKinney is one of them. The mighty enemy warship ix-gorghal has discovered the location of humanity’s populated worlds and its arrival in New Earth orbit promises death for the billions living there. At first, it seems the invaders will have everything their own way.

An unexpected message from a lone fleet warship high above the planet sends him on a mission to rescue the only man on New Earth with the activation codes for two unfinished warships on the Tucson base – the battleship Ulterior-2 and an experimental gun called Earth’s Fury. He’s got a mission of his own and if it succeeds, it will ensure total annihilation for both sides.

Duggan can see no other way out. Meanwhile, Captain Charlie Blake has other problems. Earth’s Fury. The vraxar are a cruel and unpredictable foe, and at the first sign of a threat, they will surely destroy New Earth without hesitation. Earth’s fury is a high-action science fiction adventure and the fourth book in the Obsidiar Fleet series.

He’s one of the few men with the skill and audacity to get Earth’s Fury into orbit – assuming it will even fly. A gun to shatter a god ship. The human confederation has provided unexpected resistance to the Vraxar invading forces, but now the price must be paid.