Living the Life God Has Planned : A Guide to Knowing God’s Will

Dr. A basic guide to discerning the will of God. Readers of all maturity levels will appreciate the simplicity and practical nature of this product. Bill thrasher has provided a basic guide to the fundamentals of seeking God's will in Living the Life God Has Planned. Thrasher teaches readers that they must first seek to know God on a more intimate level before His will becomes more apparent to them.

How do i know what god's will is for my life?" It is perhaps the most common question asked by Christians today.

How to be a Soul Physician: Learning How Christ Meets the Deepest Longings of a Soul Through the Grace of Prayer

L. You can be "more than a conqueror" in these battles and experience the wonderful gift that Jesus called "rest for your soul. Used book in Good Condition. God graciously offers His loving aid in everyone's battle with anger, guilt, and fear. The truths of this book are very precious to me. If you were to offer millions of dollars in exchange for the experience of Christ's acceptance, motivation and enablement, authority, and continual cleansing, I would not be even tempted to entertain the offer.

Moody urged the church to return to the training of "soul physicians. These are men and women who have learned to lean upon the Holy Spirit in both diagnosing the condition of the soul and in aiding others to experience the blessing that can be found in the Lord Jesus Christ. Over one hundred years ago, D.

This book is designed to allow God to do a work in you that He may freely work through you. It is aimed at equipping you to meet the spiritual needs of others and to shepherd, exhort, and guide God's people. 3:16. True ministry flows from the inward person John 7:37-39 and genuine growth involves strengthening of our spirits Luke 1:80; Eph.

As god liberates and frees you, you will also be equipped to overflow and aid others by pointing them to Christ--the only One who can meet the deepest longings of a soul. Training people to be soul physicians involves obeying Paul's instruction to Timothy to first "pay close attention to yourself and your teaching, " which results not only in one's own sanctification but also in becoming a living epistle and overflowing to others in fulfilling the Great commission.

A Journey to Victorious Praying: Finding Discipline and Delight in Your Prayer Life

Why is it so hard to pray? it’s something many Christians can relate to: the desire to pray but the failure to execute. A journey to victorious Praying will tell readers why this is—and how to move past it. Used book in Good Condition. Addressing common misconceptions about prayer, bill thrasher teaches readers how to: honestly share their desires with GodTurn temptations into victorious prayersExperience the Spirit’s motivation in prayerGet help when they don’t know how to prayImplement fasting into their prayer lifeMove from anxiety to peaceAnd moreFilled with practical insight and pastoral warmth, then offering biblical truths and practices instead, this book will give readers renewed enthusiasm for embarking on the essential journey of prayer.

And its brief chapters, organized around various themes, make it perfect for quick reference, as does the appendix with tips for stimulating prayer.

Reclaiming Surrendered Ground: Protecting Your Family from Spiritual Attacks

Equip your family for spiritual warfare. Few families are aware of the Devil's attacks. Is yours ready?jim Logan used to think spiritual warfare was a radical idea. That was before he realized just how real it was, especially in the lives of families. Moved by this discovery, in a ten-year span he read over 400 books on spiritual warfare and counseled hundreds of families under satanic attack, soon emerging as a spiritual warfare expert.

Reclaiming surrendered ground represents the insights gained in those years of study and ministry, and it contains the principles he turned to repeatedly in counseling families. Logan will help you and your family:Become alert to the enemy and his tacticsDiscover your areas of vulnerabilityLive freely in Christs victoryDont let the enemy gain ground in your family.

Fewer know how to withstand them. Read reclaiming Surrendered Ground and be equipped for battle. Www. Biblicalrestorationministries. Org used book in Good Condition.

God as He Wants You to Know Him

It's the astute wisdom of a professor packaged in the comfortable relatability of a friend. Thrasher manages to communicate the most academic biblical truth with the heart and personal connection of a pastor, achieving a depth of knowledge at an extremely approachable level. Dr. Used book in Good Condition.

Every believer has a need for an understanding of systematic theology, but very few theology books present material in a personal, devotional format that appeals to th most popular level of believers.

The Gospel in Human Contexts: Anthropological Explorations for Contemporary Missions

Used book in Good Condition. That task is the topic of this book, the summation of a lifetime of experience and thinking by a world-renowned missiologist and anthropologist, the late Paul Hiebert. Therefore, we must master not only the skill of biblical interpretation but also the skill of human interpretation.

In order to meaningfully communicate the gospel to particular humans, those involved in cross-cultural ministry need to understand people and the particular influences--social, psychological, cultural, and ecological--that shape them. Baker Academic. While the gospel is timeless truth, it enters into ever-changing and widely varied human contexts.

Further, we must understand ourselves and the influences that have shaped us, since our own contexts influence how we understand and transmit the gospel message.

The World and the Word: An Introduction to the Old Testament

Used book in Good Condition. Without it, Christian theology would be seriously deficient. Mastery of the old Testament is crucial to an understanding of the New Testament. The old testament offers, by teaching and example, practical principles of belief and behavior for contemporary times. Who god was and what He did then can be replicated in the lives of men and women today.

Separating the verifiable biblical and extra-biblical data from the various interpretations of that same information, the book further shows how the Old Testament forms the platform and matrix from which sprang the life, ministry, and teachings of Jesus and the church. The world and the word will help students see an entry point into the very heart and design of God who loves them and wishes to make them the special object of His grace.

Baker Academic. The world and the word is a fresh introduction to the Old Testament driven largely by the fact that so much Christian preaching and teaching today increasingly ignores what is eighty percent of the Bible. Authors eugene merrill, mark rooker, and michael grisanti work through the world and text of the Old Testament always making three major points: • The Old Testament is a rich source of theology and doctrine that is presupposed by the New Testament.


Introduction to Biblical Hermeneutics: The Search for Meaning

Used book in Good Condition. Baker Academic. What they do agree on, is the authority of Scripture, however, the relevance of personal Bible study to life, and why these things matter. This second edition has been substantially updated and expanded, allowing the authors to fine-tune and enrich their discussions on fundamental interpretive topics.

In addition, making for vibrant, four new chapters have been included that address more recent controversial issues:• The role of biblical theology in interpretation• How to deal with contemporary questions not directly addressed in the Bible• The New Testament’s use of the Old Testament• The role of history in interpretationThe book retains the unique aspect of being written by two scholars who hold differing viewpoints on many issues, thought-provoking dialogue.

. Since its publication in 1994, an introduction to Biblical Hermeneutics has become a standard text for a generation of students, pastors, and serious lay readers.

The Story of Christianity, Vol. 1: The Early Church to the Dawn of the Reformation

With lively storytelling, the story of Christianity provides a fascinating and panoramic history of the dramatic events, colorful characters, and revolutionary ideas that shaped the first fifteen centuries of the church. In the story of christianity: Volume 1, Justo L. HarperOne. From jesus’ faithful apostles to the early reformist john Wycliffe, González skillfully traces core theological issues and developments within the various traditions of the church, including major events outside of Europe, such as the Spanish and Portuguese conquest of the New World.

Baker Academic. This updated and expanded edition incorporates recent archaeological discoveries about the life of Early Christian Communities, as well as important contemporary research revealing the significant role of women throughout the history of the church. González, presents a narrative history of christianity, author of the highly praised three-volume History of Christian Thought, from the Early Church to the Dawn of the Protestant Reformation.

Used book in Good Condition.

Introduction to Biblical Interpretation: Third Edition

Zondervan. Introduction to biblical interpretation, is a bestselling hermeneutics textbook that sets forth concise, logical, now in its third edition, and practical guidelines for discovering the truth in God’s Word. Baker Academic. HarperOne. With updates and revisions throughout that keep pace with current scholarship, this book offers students the best and most up-to-date information needed to interpret Scripture.

Introduction to biblical interpretation:defines and describes hermeneutics, social, cultural, and historical issues that impact any textevaluates both traditional and modern approaches to Bible interpretationExamines the reader’s role as an interpreter of the text and helps identify what the reader brings to the text that could distort its messageTackles the problem of how to apply the Bible in valid and significant ways todayProvides an extensive and revised annotated list of books that readers will find helpful in the practice of biblical interpretationUsed in college and seminary classrooms around the world, the science of biblical interpretationSuggests effective methods to understand the meaning of the biblical textSurveys the literary, this textbook is a trusted and valuable tool for students and other readers who desire to understand and apply the Bible.

Used book in Good Condition.

The King in His Beauty: A Biblical Theology of the Old and New Testaments

The goal of god's kingdom is to see the king in his beauty and to be enraptured in his glory. Thomas schreiner, a respected scholar and a trusted voice for many students and pastors, offers a substantial and accessibly written overview of the whole Bible. Used book in Good Condition. He traces the storyline of the scriptures from the standpoint of biblical theology, examining the overarching message that is conveyed throughout.

Zondervan. Schreiner emphasizes three interrelated and unified themes that stand out in the biblical narrative: God as Lord, human beings as those who are made in God's image, and the land or place in which God's rule is exercised. Baker Academic. Baker Academic. HarperOne.