Indent by Cecil Taylor.

Blue World

Now, with the release of blue World, we can hear these newly-discovered recordings for the first time Shrink-wrapped. Amazingly, no announcement was made that the iconic Coltrane was adding new performances to this film. In 1964, the national film board of canada asked john Coltrane to record the soundtrack for a French-language film titled 'Le chat dans le sac" "The Cat in the Bag".

For many years, viewers of the film who recognized the music thought that they were listening to the original recordings, though in fact they were new and had never been heard. In june of that year, coltrane's Classic Quartet entered Rudy Van Gelder's studio and recorded five previously-recorded Coltrane originals.


The Great Paris Concert

The great paris Concert by Cecil Taylor Shrink-wrapped.

Silent Tongues

Silent tongues by Cecil Taylor Shrink-wrapped.


As he had created his own life and art, no influences can be detected in his playing. Shrink-wrapped. In the life of every artist comes the time when toward the end of his existence he will create a monument to his ever-lasting artistic efforts. It is the swan-song for which he wishes to remain being known; for centuries, this has crossed the borderlines between cultures and arts.

Poschiavo was recorded when cecil Taylor was sixty-nine years old, very much at the height of his musical and poetic powers. At the same time, no-one could truly absorb Cecil Taylor's style and performance as there is no-one who could play like Cecil Taylor. Recorded in europe on a fine bösendorfer grand piano in perfect digital clarity, POSCHIAVO is an almost hour-long recital of a level of intensity that only Cecil Taylor's astonishing pianism could create.



Eventually, the album was shelved and Davis went on to record Tutu, leaving the Rubberband songs unheard and untouched for over 30 years. It was finished by the original producers Hall and Giles; with Davis’ nephew, Vince Wilburn, Jr. Who played drums on the original sessions for the album in 1985-86. Uncle Miles would be proud.

. Shrink-wrapped. The musical direction davis was taking during the sessions marked a radical departure, with the inclusion of funk and soul grooves; with plans to feature guest vocalists Al Jarreau and Chaka Khan. The final version includes several guest artists including singers Ledisi a 12-time Grammy nominee and Lalah Hathaway daughter of soul legend Donny Hathaway.

Miles davis shocked the music world in 1985 when he left Columbia Records after 30 years to join Warner Bros. Shrink-wrapped. Records. Randy, zane and i, ’” says wilburn, put our heart and soul into ‘The Rubberband Of Life, and everyone involved, Jr. In 2017 – 32 years after davis started recording Rubberband– Hall, and Davis’ nephew, Wilburn, Giles, Jr.

Began work to finish the album. In october of that year, he began recording the album Rubberband in Los Angeles at Ameraycan Studios with producers Randy Hall and Zane Giles.

3 Phasis

Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped.

Historic Concerts 2 Cd's

Shrink-wrapped. Historic concerts 2 cd's by Max Roach, Cecil Taylor Shrink-wrapped.

Dark To Themselves

A towering figure of avant-garde jazz caught in an uncompromising concert leading one of his best ensembles. Contains the complete, unedited performance. Cecil taylor Unit- Dark To Themselves. Shrink-wrapped. The most totally appealing recording of Cecil Taylor music" Cadence. Shrink-wrapped.

Musical Prophet: The Expanded 1963 New York Studio Sessions 3 CD

Shrink-wrapped. The 3cd set features jazz greats such as saxophonist Sonny Simmons, trumpeter Woody Shaw, bassist Richard Davis and NEA Jazz Master vibraphonist Bobby Hutcherson. Musical prophet: the expanded 1963 new york studio sessions is the first official release of previously-unissued Eric Dolphy studio recordings in over 30 years! This release contains the masterpiece albums Conversations and Iron Man recorded in NYC in July, 1963.

Shrink-wrapped. Cecil taylor Unit- Dark To Themselves. Shrink-wrapped. The 100 pg. Booklet includes rare and unpublished photos, essays and interviews.

Cecil Taylor Unit

Holiday en masque" develops a teeming group language with long tension curves. A brilliant musical raconteur, commenting on a horn's phrase, in dialogue with drums and bass, Taylor is simultaneously engaged in conversation with each member of the ensemble, offering new materials, and forging links between disparate threads.

There are three pieces, long by the standards of jazz and short by the standards of Taylor's live performances since the mid-'60s. Idut" and "serdab" are each about 15 minutes, "Holiday en Masque" nearly 30 On this sextet recording from 1978, trumpeter raphé Malik, Taylor is joined by alto saxophonist Jimmy Lyons, bassist Sirone, violinist Ramsey Ameen, and drummer Ronald Shannon Jackson.

Cecil taylor Unit- Dark To Themselves. All are densely concentrated rather than diffuse. Cecil taylor- Cecil Taylor. Shrink-wrapped. What is most astonishing about Taylor's group playing is the way it touches on, extends, and forms every part of the work. Idut" is a study in pointillist fragments, while "Serdab" seems focused on expanding rhythmic motifs.

Shrink-wrapped. However controversial or demanding his work has been, in a career that stretches back to the early 1950s, it's rooted deeply in the jazz tradition of kinetic rhythmic dialogue.