For Once in My Life: An absolutely perfect laugh out loud romantic comedy

Bookouture #ad - Fans of marian keyes, mhairi mcfarlane and sophie kinsella will love colleen Coleman!What readers are saying about For Once in My Life:‘Love, love, love this book… I absolutely adored it and devoured it in one sitting… So bloody funny. What an engaging story! i laughed out loud… Couldn’t put it down! You need to read this.

Goodreads reviewer, 5 starsTwenty-nine-year-old Lily Buckley planned to be happily married and in her dream job by now. Suddenly jumping out of a plane is the least of lily’s problems… Can she save her family, romance, her friends, and her heart – or will Lily let her fears hold her back?An uplifting, feel-good story about friendship, and finding the hero inside yourself.

And since heartbreak has left her afraid of falling in love again, her column is the only thing keeping her – and her colleagues’ – jobs afloat, her growing feelings for Christopher might just push her past it…But then her mum has a crisis, and Christopher’s ex arrives with her sights set on a romantic reunion.

Instead she’s been single since being left at the altar three years ago, and works at her local paper, writing about giant vegetables at the village fete and a dog who looks exactly like Chewbacca. Not quite what she was dreaming of. So when lily’s given the opportunity to write her own column it’s exactly what she’s always wanted – except what she has to write about.

For Once in My Life: An absolutely perfect laugh out loud romantic comedy #ad - Great read!’ netgalley reviewer‘So enjoyable to read… One of my favourites of the year. Would definitely recommend!’ netgalley reviewer‘what a gorgeous read!… I really enjoyed this and would really recommend it… I love the concept of bucket lists and Lily takes this and embraces it fully and through it changes her life.


Don't Stop Me Now: The perfect laugh out loud romantic comedy

Bookouture #ad - I loved it… for a really heart-warming, uplifting read with a smile, you can’t go far wrong. Nicki’s book blog, how much did i love this book, 5 stars‘Oh my goodness, from first page to last!!. She scores herself an internship at the hottest radio station in town, joins a netball team, and renews her friendship with her oldest friend Leanne.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and really can't wait to see what comes next from Colleen – she's an author to watch… I wouldn't hesitate in recommending this book. A page of fictional love, 5 stars‘I was in need of a smile and a pick-me-up and this gave it in spades. I don't think i have laughed, chuckled, and smiled so much at a book before… I adored it.

Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars Poppy Bloom planned to finish her PhD and walk straight into a job at her university. I absolutely loved it!… i laughed so much whilst reading this book… poppy is strong, open, honest, caring, courageous, and best of all she kicks butt!… There was something for everyone in this gem of a book… I can't recommend this book enough! I absolutely loved it and I can't wait to see if there will be more.

Don't Stop Me Now: The perfect laugh out loud romantic comedy #ad - Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars‘A little gem of a book which had me laughing out loud. Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars‘don’t Stop Me Now is a riveting story, beautifully told… This story really struck a chord with me. My nights in, 5 stars‘inspiring and entertaining… I loved watching every step of the journey… I am very eager to see what else this talented author will write.

Rachel’s random reads, 5 stars‘an outstanding book that is both witty and inspiring… fantastically funny… Truly the best book I have read in ages.


One Way or Another: An absolutely hilarious laugh out loud romantic comedy

Bookouture #ad - Made you feel good and laugh out loud along the way!’ Dash Fan Book Reviews‘Fun, wonderfully uplifting and a joy to read. When old flame, gorgeous ben cole, it seems like true love might be within reach too…Soon Katie is on the cusp of getting everything she wanted: dream job, dream man, unexpectedly reappears in Katie’s life, dream life.

That she’s been in for two years. This is not the life she dreamed of. But with the help of martha, an eighty-year-old who believes in living life to the absolute full, Katie is about to start again – to grab hold of life with both hands and give it a big shake up, starting with getting out of her dead-end job.

By now she was supposed to have the perfect relationship and her dream career – but her boyfriend left her behind to travel the world, she’s sleeping on a friend’s sofa, and she’s working a temporary job. I was able to lose myself in every word… i loved everything about One Way or Another… Everything I could want from a book and more, deserving a rating of the entire amount of stars in the universe.

One Way or Another: An absolutely hilarious laugh out loud romantic comedy #ad - But can she really have it all?A hilarious, heart-warming story full of romance, friendship and laughs. Omg, omg, omg i love this book!… Laugh out loud… Hilarious. Chelle’s book reviewsTwenty-nine-year-old Katie Kelly is at an all-time low. This is quite the uplifting story… I absolutely adored this book… Loved this book.


Sorry Not Sorry: The perfect laugh out loud romantic comedy

Bookouture #ad - So when she stumbles across a popular podcast, ‘Sorry Not Sorry’, which challenges women to embrace their inner bad girl, she jumps at the chance to shake things up. Old charlotte would never ask for a stranger’s number, go on a blind date or buy lacy lingerie… But New Charlotte is waving goodbye to her comfort zone with a side order of margaritas.

Absolutely brilliant… i devoured it in a few hours because it was impossible to put down… Be prepared for a rollercoaster of emotions… Packed full of laughs. I have never read any sophie Ranald books but I am now going to be working my way through them. But being good is getting boring… She’s not just stuck in a rut – she’s buried in it up to her chin.

Sorry Not Sorry: The perfect laugh out loud romantic comedy #ad - I’m not sorry that’s for sure ;… That last minute twist???? I was screaming. Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars‘fantastic… so good i binge read it overnight… there was no way I was putting this book down once I started… The twists and turns kept me hooked… It had me laughing out loud, cringing and falling in love with the characters… So so good and you really have to one-click it as soon as you can.

Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars‘perfect… Had me laughing all the way through… I devoured it in a few hours because it was impossible to put down. Goodreads reviewer‘the perfect pick-me-up… Delightful… Packed full of laughs… A good old giggle!’ Goodreads Reviewer‘Wonderful! .


I'm Still Standing: A feel good, laugh out loud romantic comedy

Bookouture #ad - I read this book in one go… Highly recommended. Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars‘Funny, uplifting and heart-warming… A top read. Jen med’s book reviews, 5 stars‘I really couldn’t put this novel down… A joy to read. Cosy cute knits, 5 stars‘fantastic… If you want to laugh until your belly hurts and find the sweetest book boyfriend ever, pick up this book.

The bookish sisters, 5 stars‘Truly fabulous. Postcard reviews, believable, cute, 4 stars‘heartfelt, 4 stars‘heart-warming, this is a feel-good story to read with your favorite tea and blanket!’ Chocolate ‘n’ Waffles, and full of hope, and engaging from beginning to end… I highly recommend it.

I'm Still Standing: A feel good, laugh out loud romantic comedy #ad - Urban book reviews, 5 stars‘a beautiful, uplifting novel… Everybody should read this book because it’s just wonderful and I loved every minute of it. Sincerely book angels, 5 stars‘an unexpected masterpiece… Enjoyable and hard to put down… A powerful and inspiring feel-good book. Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars‘a really feel-good book… I flew through the pages… Such great fun to read.

Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars‘colleen is a fantastic author… A funny, light-hearted read that will leave you smiling a long time after reading it. Goodreads reviewer, 4 stars‘I loved this book. Librarian, 5 stars. You know you’re onto a winner when a book makes you laugh out loud from start to end.


It's Not You, It's Him: An absolutely hilarious and feel good romantic comedy

Bookouture #ad - But i don’t want new beginnings. Very highly recommended. Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars‘I struggled to put this down! . It was like talking to your girlfriends. The main character was someone I want to have coffee with. She ropes in a new wing-woman, maxes out her credit card and accidentally-on-purpose bumps into him at every opportunity.

Brilliant. Netgalley reviewer, 5 stars‘I could not put this book down!! I was in love from the first page. Oh, as you do…but while she’s busy pretending, and she finds a fake boyfriend, Tansy’s plan is thrown a major curveball. Dream come Review. Two heartbreaking weeks since renzo, who made her weak at the knees and dizzy with excitement, found out Tansy’s secret – and ended it on the spot.

Since then, she’s spent every evening scrolling through their old photos, drunk texted him twenty-six times he stopped reading after five, and lost count of how many packets of Kleenex she’s cried her way through. That’s where Operation Get Renzo Back comes in. Sophie ranald has done it again, I could not put the book down.

It's Not You, It's Him: An absolutely hilarious and feel good romantic comedy #ad - Netgalley reviewer, 5 stars‘I absolutely loved this book. Amazing!!’ goodreads reviewer, 5 stars‘totally hooked me in… i loved the humor… i am excited to recommend this book to my friends!’ NetGalley Reviewer‘Seriously funny… I cannot recommend this book highly enough and will be telling all the patrons that come into my library for a good summer read to get this!’ Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars‘I was constantly saying I'm just going to read a little longer until I finally looked up and it was 2 in the morning and I had finished the book.


It All Comes Back to You: A Book Club Recommendation!

The Art of Dixie #ad - In the tradition of major pettigrew's Last Stand and Olive Kitteridge, Duke delivers an unforgettable elderly character to treasure and a young heroine to steal your heart. It's an irresistible journey filled with revelations, some of them about men Ronni knew as octogenarians at Fairfield Springs. Struggling, flailing at the keyboard, insecure, a new boyfriend, Ronni juggles her patients, and a Samsonite factory of emotional baggage as she tries to craft a manuscript before her deadline.

But then the secrets start to emerge, some of them in person. And they don't stop. Everything changes. Alternating chapters between homecoming queen violet in 1947 and can't-quite-find-her-crown Ronni in the present, IT ALL COMES BACK TO YOU is Southern Fiction at its hilarious, outrageous, uplifting, warm, sad, and stunning best.

It All Comes Back to You: A Book Club Recommendation! #ad - When she dies, she leaves ronni a very generous bequest―only if Ronni completes a book about her life within one year. It all comes back to You is one of those stories you need to savor. As she's drawn into the world of young Violet, Ronni is mesmerized by life in a simpler time. You want to put the book down so as to have more to read tomorrow, but you can't.

It becomes attached to you, a part of you. Dan brown, author of ReunionIt's 1947.


No, We Can't Be Friends: A totally perfect romantic comedy

Bookouture #ad - Devoured it in one sitting. The last part of the book is worth it! it was the best ending!’ Book Sparks, ⭐⭐⭐⭐‘I absolutely adored this book… Made me laugh out loud. Goodreads reviewer, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐'Absolutely everything chick lit should be! . Honestly i can’t praise this book enough. Goodreads reviewer, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐‘cracked me up from the very beginning of this book!! I could not stop laughing!

. Which is about as rare, these days, as a Dodo. When sloane met Myles, everything fell into place. A very big one. The fairytale is over. Her heart is blown to smithereens. She’d found the one at last and she could finally delete Tinder, forgetting all those waste-of-space men she’d never have to date again.

No, We Can't Be Friends: A totally perfect romantic comedy #ad - But then she finds out that Myles has a secret. I'd say this book ticked all the right boxes for me. If you need a feel-good, funny, this should be it!’ a book with review, witty read, ⭐⭐⭐⭐‘Made me scream with laughter… There are no words to adequately describe how much I adored this book… I read the entire story in one sitting.


The One Who's Not the One: A feel good, laugh out loud romantic comedy

Bookouture #ad - Fans of jenny colgan, marian keyes and mhairi mcfarlane will love keris stainton!read what everyone is saying about The One Who's Not the One:‘A fabulous feel-good read… This book had me in tears, both happy and sad ones in equal doses! It had me hooked from the first page and it certainly had me laughing out loud unashamedly!’ Stardust Book Reviews‘I absolutely adored this book from start to finish.

I really enjoyed it. What a fantastic friendship. Goodreads reviewer‘i absolutely loved this book… it's warm and funny and the characters are so relatable… Her friendship with Kelly is wonderful… Another triumph of a book!’ Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars. It’s got some genuinely laugh-out-loud moments while being full of real heart as well.

The ending… my goodness, folks… Just read to the end. Absolutely amazing… A delightful, HILARIOUS book. Goodreads reviewer, 5 starsCat’s life has hit a brick wall. Since her ex ditched her without ceremony five years ago she’s quit stand-up comedy, landed in a steady but dull job, and lives in a tiny flat with roommates she knows only as The One Who Eats All My Food and The One Who Has Really Loud Sex.

The One Who's Not the One: A feel good, laugh out loud romantic comedy #ad - So when she bumps into old friend harvey and sparks fly, Cat is surprised – and horrified, and so absolutely, because Harvey is her ex’s brother, 100% off-limits romantically. Netgalley reviewer, 5 stars‘this was my first keris stainton book and i'm actually so angry that I haven't read anything by her before! I read this book in one go… I just couldn't put it down!… I loved everything about Cat and Harvey… I couldn't stop thinking about them all morning.

Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars‘highly enjoyable!… A delight to read… The relationship between Cat and Kelly and her family is what makes this book special.


Out with the Ex, In with the New: An utterly perfect feel good romantic comedy

Bookouture #ad - Out with the old, in with the new’, the saying goes. Ended up sneaking a few lines in here and there, even in a lift whilst shopping! . After twenty failed interviews she thought she’d got her dream job as a journalist – except it turns out to be writing articles about cats that look like George Clooney.

It gave me just what i was looking for – a huge hug!’ Goodreads Reviewer‘This is chick lit at its best! . Just read it for yourself!!!’ goodreads Reviewer‘I really loved this book!’ Goodreads Reviewer‘Fabulous! . Luckily she has her wonderful boyfriend, Jack, to help her forget just how awful things are.

Out with the Ex, In with the New: An utterly perfect feel good romantic comedy #ad - Then jack dumps her out of the blue. I could not stop reading. Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars‘made me literally laugh out loud and I lost count of how many times I lol’ed!’ Steph and Chris Book Review‘Perfect! . Lots of fun, lovable and well-drawn characters, witty and pacy. I didn’t want to put it down.


Summer at Firefly Beach: The perfect feel good summer romance

Bookouture #ad - All the time her childhood best friend Ben Murray, with his golden charm and infuriating ability to be right all the time, is by her side. Spending the summer with ben, as they enjoy drinks on the pier and endless talks stretched out in the soft sand, Hallie begins to remember the things that matter most to her.

I loved their chemistry so much, i could not put the book down because i just HAD to know if they were going to end up together or not!’ Goodreads reviewer‘I am a HUGE fan of Jenny's work and I love her summer books… Ben is perfect. Amazingly heartfelt and emotional. It's not often that i come across a story that completely moves me to tears… Absolutely delightful.

Mixing reality with fiction, 5 starsa totally emotional, re-discovering who you are, gripping page-turner from the bestselling author of The Summer House about the importance of family, and the magic of finding true love under the summer sun. Oh man. In her last letter she included a bucket list Hallie wrote as a child, for Hallie to complete.

Summer at Firefly Beach: The perfect feel good summer romance #ad - Perfect for fans of Mary Alice Monroe, Nancy Thayer and Susan Mallery. Hallie flynn’s favorite place in the world is her great Aunt Clara’s beautiful beachside house, with its inviting wraparound porch and enchanting views across the sparkling turquoise ocean. Leaving her dead-end job and predictable schedule, Hallie returns to Firefly beach and embraces Aunt Clara’s words.