Ending Up NYRB Classics

NYRB Classics - None of us do.  . They don’t know what lies in store before the story ends. Children and grandchildren are coming to visit their ailing elders. There’s grotesque adela, who years ago had a fling with the brigadier in the barracks and now organizes his day around a trail of hidden bottles; George Zeyer, always strategizing a new retreat to the bathroom before sallying forth to play some especially nasty practical joke; Shorty, the distinguished professor of history, whose sole passion is her cheapness; her brother Brigadier Bernard Bastable, the servant, bedridden and helpless to articulate his still-coherent thoughts; and Marigold, who slowly but surely is forgetting it all.

And now it is Christmas. It is a book about dying people and about a dying England, clinging to its memories of greatness as it succumbs to terminal decay. Everyone wants a comfortable place to die, and Kingsley Amis’s characters have found it in Tuppeny-happeny Cottage, where assorted septuagenarians have come together to see one another out the door of life.

Ending Up NYRB Classics - Ending up is a grimly hilarious dance of death, full of bickering, bitching, backstabbing, drinking of course, and idiocy of all sorts.

Lucky Jim New York Review Books Classics

NYRB Classics - This is the story of jim dixon, a hapless lecturer in medieval history at a provincial university who knows better than most that “there was no end to the ways in which nice things are nicer than nasty ones. Kingsley amis’s scabrous debut leads the reader through a gallery of emphatically English bores, cranks, frauds, and neurotics with whom Dixon must contend in one way or another in order to hold on to his cushy academic perch and win the girl of his fancy.

More than just a merciless satire of cloistered college life and stuffy postwar manners, Lucky Jim is an attack on the forces of boredom, and a work of art that at once distills and extends an entire tradition of English comic writing, whatever form they may take, from Fielding and Dickens through Wodehouse and Waugh.

Lucky Jim New York Review Books Classics - Regarded by many as the finest, lucky jim remains as trenchant, comic novel of the twentieth century, withering, and funniest, and eloquently misanthropic as when it first scandalized readers in 1954. As christopher hitchens has written, and simultaneously imagine Evelyn Waugh forgetting about original sin, “If you can picture Bertie or Jeeves being capable of actual malice, you have the combination of innocence and experience that makes this short romp so imperishable.

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The Old Devils New York Review Books Classics

NYRB Classics - New york Review of Books. This more or less orderly social world is thrown off-kilter, however, when two old friends unexpectedly return from England: Alun Weaver, and his entrancing wife, now a celebrated man of Welsh letters, Rhiannon. Considered by martin amis to be kingsley amis’s greatest achievement—a book that “stands comparison with any English novel of the twentieth century”—The Old Devils confronts the attrition of ageing with rare candor, sympathy, and moral intelligence.

Long-dormant rivalries and romances are rudely awakened, as life at the Bible and Crown, the local pub, is changed irrevocably. Age has done everything except mellow the characters in kingsley amis’s the old Devils, above all, and, reminiscing, complaining, which turns its humane and ironic gaze on a group of Welsh married couples who have been spending their golden years—when “all of a sudden the evening starts starting after breakfast”—nattering, drinking.

Girl, 20 New York Review Books Classics

NYRB Classics - Highborn hippie sylvia not, from his drama-queen wife, Kitty, to Penny, twenty is his latest infatuation and a threat to his whole family, in fact, his long-suffering daughter. All this is recounted by douglas yandell, bumbling celebrity, and scheming family, who finds that he too has a part in this story of botched artistry, a music critic with his own love problems, in a time that for all its high-minded talk is as low and dishonest as any other.

. And since vain sir vandervane is a great success, he is also free to pursue his greatest failing: a taste for younger and younger women. Amis’s antihero, sir roy vandervane, is a pillar of the establishment whohas fallen hard for protest, bellbottoms, a conductor and composer who bears more than a passing resemblance to Leonard Bernstein, and the electric guitar.

Girl, 20 New York Review Books Classics - Used book in Good Condition. Kingsley amis, along with being the funniest english writer of his generation was a great chronicler of the fads and absurdities of his age, and Girl, 20 is a delightfully incisive dissection of the flower-power phase of the 1960s. New york Review of Books.

One Fat Englishman New York Review Books Classics

NYRB Classics - Used book in Good Condition. In america, stray deer, aspiring jewish novelists who as good as clean his clock, while making ever-more desperate and humiliating overtures to Helen, and America itself, Roger Micheldene must deal with not so obliging suburban housewives, bad cigars, children who beat him at Scrabble “It was no wonder that people were horrible when they started life as children”, a Scandinavian ice queen.

New york Review of Books. This comic masterpiece—about the 1950s crashing drunkenly into the consumerist 1960s and a final scion of a disintegrating Old World empire encountering its upstart New World offspring—is one of Kingsley Amis’s greatest and most caustic performances. If only roger would dare to show some real feeling of his own.

One Fat Englishman New York Review Books Classics - Used book in Good Condition. The hero of one fat englishman, and very very fat, is philandering, not to mention in a state of continuous spluttering rage against everything, drunken, bigoted, a literary publisher and lapsed Catholic escaped from the pages of Graham Greene to the campus of Budweiser College in provincial Pennsylvania, not least his own overgrown self.

That Uncertain Feeling

Penguin Modern Classics - Pub date :2013-04-04 pages: 256 Language:. Amis sends up an array of rural stereotypes in this story about a man who doesnt know what he wants. Resisting the advances of local drunks and suffering the long speeches of a nut-faced clergyman. At times tenderly satirical and at times riotously slap-stick. Competition is stiff for the position of sub-librarian in Aberdarcy Library For John Lewis.

Elizabeth Gruffyd-Williams. As he finds himself running down Welsh country lanes at midnight in a wig and dress. The situation is complicated by the attentions of daunting and desirable village socialite. Who is married to a member of the local Council. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. New york Review of Books.

That Uncertain Feeling - Paperback. Pursuing an affair with her whilst keeping his job prospects alive is Johns predicament. English in that Uncertain Feeling by Kingsley Amis.

The Centaur

Random House Trade Paperbacks - Winner of the national book award and the prix du meilleur livre Étranger   the centaur is a modern retelling of the legend of Chiron, the noblest and wisest of the centaurs, who, painfully wounded yet unable to die, gave up his immortality on behalf of Prometheus. The result, said the judges of the national Book Award, is “a courageous and brilliant account of a conflict in gifts between an inarticulate American father and his highly articulate son.

New york Review of Books. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Brilliantly conflating the author’s remembered past with tales from Greek mythology, John Updike translates Chiron’s agonized search for relief into the incidents and accidents of three winter days spent in rural Pennsylvania in 1947.

The Centaur - In the retelling, olympus becomes small-town olinger High School; Chiron is George Caldwell, a science teacher there; and Prometheus is Caldwell’s fifteen-year-old son, Peter.

The Green Man New York Review Books Classics

NYRB Classics - Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. As he says, everybody who’s theoretically old enough to have understood what death means, “I honestly can’t see why everybody who isn’t a child, doesn’t spend all his time thinking about it. It’s a pretty arresting thought. He also happens to own and run a country inn that is haunted.

The green man is a ghost story that hits a live nerve, a very black comedy with an uncannily happy ending: in other words, Kingsley Amis at his best. The green man opens as maurice’s father drops dead had he seen something in the room? and continues as friends and family convene for the funeral. Maurice allington has reached middle age and is haunted by death.

The Green Man New York Review Books Classics - . New york Review of Books. Maurice’s problems are many and increasing: how to deal with his own declining health? How to reach out to a teenage daughter who watches TV all the time? How to get his best friend’s wife in the sack? How to find another drink? And another. And then there is always death.

Take a Girl Like You NYRB Classics

NYRB Classics - Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. But jenny and patrick live in a world where it’s becoming ridiculously difficult—disastrously difficult—to sort out the claims of sex and the claims of love. Take a girl like you may well be kingsley amis’s most ambitious reckoning with the serious subject at the heart of his work: the sheer squalor—emotional, material, sexual, you name it—of modern life.

Jenny is a beauty and men and women are crazy about her, most of all handsome Patrick Standish, who Jenny also likes. It also introduces one of the rare unqualified good guys in Amis’s rogue-ridden world: Jenny Bunn, a girl from the English north country come south to teach school in a small smug town where she hopes to find love and fortune.

Take a Girl Like You NYRB Classics - New york Review of Books.

Dear Life: Stories Vintage International

Vintage - Short stories. Her characters are flawed and fully human: a soldier returning from war and avoiding his fiancée, a wealthy woman deciding whether to confront a blackmailer, an adulterous mother and her neglected children, a guilt-ridden father, a young teacher jilted by her employer. Used book in Good Condition.

Alice Munro. Women's fiction. And while most are set in her signature territory around Lake Huron, some strike even closer to home: an astonishing suite of four autobiographical tales offers an unprecedented glimpse into Munro’s own childhood. Illumined by munro’s unflinching insight, these lives draw us in with their quiet depth and surprise us with unexpected turns.

Dear Life: Stories Vintage International - Exalted by her clarity of vision and her unparalleled gift for storytelling, Dear Life shows how strange, perilous, and extraordinary ordinary life can be. Used book in Good Condition. New york Review of Books. Winner of the nobel prize® in literature 2013a new york times notable booka washington post notable work of fictiona best book of the year: the Atlantic, AV ClubIn story after story in this brilliant new collection, Vogue, NPR, an action not taken, San Francisco Chronicle, Alice Munro pinpoints the moment a person is forever altered by a chance encounter, or a simple twist of fate.

Atonement: A Novel

Anchor Books - Used book in Good Condition. Alice Munro. On a hot summer day in 1935, and robbie turner, cecilia, thirteen-year-old Briony Tallis witnesses a moment’s flirtation between her older sister, the son of a servant and Cecilia’s childhood friend. Used book in Good Condition. New york Review of Books. National bestseller ian mcewan’s symphonic novel of love and war, childhood and class, guilt and forgiveness provides all the satisfaction of a brilliant narrative and the provocation we have come to expect from this master of English prose.

Short stories. Women's fiction. By ian McEwan. As it follows that crime’s repercussions through the chaos and carnage of World War II and into the close of the twentieth century, Atonement engages the reader on every conceivable level, with an ease and authority that mark it as a genuine masterpiece. But briony’ s incomplete grasp of adult motives–together with her precocious literary gifts–brings about a crime that will change all their lives.

Atonement: A Novel - Paperback.